Mure VR

Mure VR was formed in early 2014 with the aim to build experience in developing high-quality, practical virtual reality applications. Since then we have created world-class VR software, 3D visualizations, sales, and marketing tools and now include 360° video shooting and post-processing. We even create mixed content with 3D modeling, animation, and 360° videos to bring your experiences to life.

Custom VR experiences help your company create an advantage during conferences, industry expos, and sales meetings by increasing exposure and letting your clients see and feel the scale of your products.


In-Flight Entertainment

We offer virtual reality IFE solutions for airline customers. Your passengers can watch movies using a VR headset. They experience true luxury travel for a fraction of the cost. No backseat screens or wires, just futuristic and hassle-free entertainment.



Rendering a construction project in VR has many benefits. Being able to walk around and examine a house that hasn’t been built yet helps with smoothing out problems and avoiding costly reconstruction. Showing possible clients their dream house or office space in VR before it’s even built accelerates the sales process and allows for customization to be implemented in the construction plan.  We have experience in bringing everything from three-bedroom flats to enormous office buildings into VR.


Industrial Equipment

To sell heavy machinery, the client and the equipment should be in the same room. By using VR, the client can walk around the equipment, see and feel the scale of it in full working order.  Some industrial equipment is custom-made for each client. To show the client designs and ideas in VR that haven’t been built yet makes closing deals a lot easier. People often have a hard time imagining how 2D or even 3D blueprints will look like once they are built. VR takes that hurdle out of the equation. We have experience in bringing whole factories, with hundreds of moving parts, to life in VR.


3D Visualisations

A VR headset is a great way to stand out in a conference setting and an excellent tactic to exhibit your product or service. When you’ve gotten a potential client to enter your VR presentation you have their full attention and can manipulate their senses in ways not possible before.

Untitled design.png

Specialized 3D Software

We have experience in creating specialized software for virtual reality headsets. We created Grove a virtual reality browsing experience and Breakroom a virtual desktop type of application. You can use Windows applications as floating monitors in front of you within the virtual world, allowing you to work on your Excel spreadsheet while sitting on the beach.

VR Headset - Copy.png

360° Videos

360° videos are a very portable means of letting people experience things that they would not be able to otherwise. Everything from diving into the deepest oceans to enter very clean laboratory settings or exploring exotic places is now possible with a low-cost mobile-based VR technology.